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Welcome to our gift ideas blog featuring great gift ideas for everyone on your gift shopping list! This is where we spotlight the best gifts we find while sifting n' sorting through all the riff-raff! Blog gift ideas range from classic time tested gifts to  unique findings, even wild & crazy eclectic stuff, we just couldn't resist.

Personalized Birthday Presents

April 28, 2014
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Finding a unique gift that the recipient will treasure isn't always easy. That is why personalized presents are such a fantastic way to go. Personalized gifts have many benefits, which makes them the perfect gift for any occasion. Personalized birthday presents are a wonderful way to let loved ones know just how much you love them.

Personalized Birthday Gifts help show loved ones, from children to adults how you feel about them. Not only for birthdays, but also outstanding for anniversaries and other special occasions, giving gifts that are personalized with custom engraving, etching, embroidery or printing etc. Sometimes even a simple personalized gift be a great choice.

Nowadays just about anything can be personalized, what you do is take a classic gift idea and improve it by adding your own personal touch to the birthday present. Custom personalization of a traditional present makes it a more cherished moment for both of you, making gifts that are personalized one of the most perfect unforgettable gifts.

Refreshing Spa Gift Ideas

April 11, 2014
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A spa gift can be a very special treat, especially for the women who typically spends a good share of their energy on their family more than than themselves. Give her a chance to indulge and relax with a rejuvenating spa gift.

Spa Booties with Lavender Aromatherapy Gift SetPampering sets also make some of the best birthday gift ideas for women such as a foot massager or a footbath that will allow women to pamper their feet especially after a long busy day. Gift certificates are also a great way for a woman to get pampered especially if they are to a day spa.


Gift Ideas for Mom

April 2, 2014
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Your mom is having a holiday and you want to make it extra-special this year because your mom is so important to you. Plus, you want to be Mom's favorite child this year! Traditional gifts for Mom are focused around chocolates, flowers and other pleasantries. Why not think different and give your Mom a forever keepsake, something more personal and something that says you love her, all at the same time.

Typically children know their mothers' interests as well as her favorite activities, so take a moment to consider her personality, this is especially important when buying gifts for your mom. There are lots of special occasions throughout the year when your likely be shopping for a nice present for your Mom. It might be for the anniversary of a special event, her birthday or for holidays, like Valentine's Day and Christmas or even for that cherished holiday, Mother's Day. Whatever the reason, here are some ideas of things you might like

Old Fashioned Retro Candy Gifts

March 24, 2014
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Nothing brings back a flood of memories from childhood quite like the candy we loved when we were youngsters, and that is exactly what makes them a wonderful gift idea for special occasions that celebrate milestones that encourage a look back at the past such as birthdays and anniversaries.
1950's Retro Candy Gift
You won't find most of your favorite old fashioned candy at the hometown grocery store anymore, in fact it's become pretty hard to find in any stores. If you didn't know where to find it you may think they stopped making it entirely and in some cases they actually have discontinued varieties.
1960's Retro Candy Gift
Luckily I found a place that still sells old-fashioned candy. They have a very nice website along with a retail store located in California. Ordering old school candy online is quick, convenient and dependable. They sell a wide variety of gift boxes, baskets and more, I particularly like the Pick-a-Decade Retro Candy1970's Retro Candy Gift Boxes that feature the most popular candy selections of the 90's, 80's, 70's, 60's etc...

1980's Retro Candy GiftThe retro candy box assortments are perfect for birthday gifts and anniversary gifts. For instance if your friend is celebrating his or her 50th birthday this year (2014) that means they were born in 1964, you'd get your friend a 1960's retro candy box. If they were born in 1974 you would get a 70's retro candy assortment.

Good Easter Gift Ideas

March 21, 2014
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Easter is just around the corner so it's time to start planning Easter gifts for family and loved ones. If you haven't had the time to shop for a nice gifts yet, don't worry Easter is late this year and isn't till the 20th of April so there's still time to order a gift online and have it there in time for Easter.

gold easter basket pendant
What are some good Easter gift ideas? That's actually a good question because gifting etiquette has changed a lot over the years, especially when it comes to Easter gifts. Back in the day Easter was not the biggest gifting holiday. Pretty much all we got were these cookie cutter Easter baskets with Easter sweets and treats packed in with fake green plastic Easter grass. Then looking back before my time believe it or not, one of the most popular Easter gifts was real live baby chicks dyed a pastel color. My how things change...

Thank goodness nowadays we have cool Easter presents such as personalized gifts, jewelry, Easter wear and gift baskets to choose from. Maybe you would like to give a healthier gift. How about a gift basket of healthy organic fruits? Today gift baskets are very trendy, it's something your can DIY or there are an endless variety of professionally made gift baskets to pick from. Simply click to order and you can have your shopping done and have the gift for Easter on its way today! A lovely cookie bouquet is also a wonderful treat.Easter Pear Gift Box

What do you think the person you are giving the gift to would like best? Now check out possible Easter presents in that category and choose something nice for them, that's where to start. Below are gifts that can be shared with family and friends.

Happy Easter Personalized Coloring Activity Book & Crayon SetMORE INFO!Personalized Easter Bunny Easter Baskets Girls & BoysMORE INFO!Personalized Easter Bunny Kids Plate - Happy EasterMORE INFO!Cute Personalized Name Jumbo Easter Gift BasketsMORE INFO!Personalized Easter Sugar Cookie HouseMORE INFO!Portmeirion Serveware, Botanic Garden Terrace Bunny PlateMORE INFO!





Gourmet Monthly Clubs
Gift of The Month Club
gift of the month Gourmet gift club memberships range between 2-12 months and include a personalized gift announcement for each gift membership. From their original 6 of The Month Club featuring the worlds finest micro brews to Gourmet cheese, wine, cigar, chocolate clubs and more.

Gift Giving Tip: According to Professors Cele Otnes and Richard Beltramini, two gift giving experts and authors of Gift Giving: A Research Anthology, there are 6 proven characteristics that make up a perfect gift:
  1. The giver makes an extraordinary sacrifice.
  2. The giver wishes solely to please the recipient
  3. The gift is a luxury.
  4. The gift is something uniquely appropriate to the recipient.
  5. The recipient is surprised by the gift.
  6. The recipient desires the gift and is delighted by it.

Hopefully these insights will help you on your next gift giving occasion!

Cloud 9 Living
Experience Gifts
experience gift ideas for Here's a gift the recipient will cherish for the rest of their life, it's called an experience gift and it's the coolest idea ever! Cloud9Living offers over 1500 unique experiences that range from hot air ballooning, romantic dinner cruises and guided shopping tours to driving experiences, Superbowl Packages, skydiving and more. Don't just give somebody a cheezy gift, give them an experience to remember!

Taylor Gifts
Gifts & As Seen on TV Items
Taylor Gift n Ideas You saw it on TV. It's the ideal gift for someone on your gift list this year, so where do you buy a Twin Draft Guard, Perfect Patch Grass, Windshield Wonder or Shark Steam Mop? Taylor Gifts features all the As Seen On TV products and yes they sell the popular bottle tops you snap onto your soda can, btw those make great gifts. Check out all the gifts and ideas at

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