A2B Electric Bicycle from Ultra Motor

a2b metro
The A2B Metro
Here's a gift that'll move them! Whether it's for mom, dad, a student or commuter, a new electric bicycle is an eco friendly luxury gift that makes it much easier to get out and about this summer and enjoy the fresh air. The only problem with electric bicyclesshop for electric bikes has been that, well, they looked like electric bicycles! Not anymore, check out this cool electric bike from Ultra Motor, the innovative A2B Metro is very good looking bike indeed. Not only does this electric bike from Ultra Motor look great but it's equipped with top of the line components too, for an unmatched level of performance. ultra motor a2b bike with accessoriesThe Ultra Motor A2b Metro actually rides more like an electric scooter than a bike. Plus, Ultra Motor has a complete line of parts and accessories available made especially to fit the A2b Metro including side saddlebags, a basket, and panniers custom fit to carry a computer, books or even stuff back from a trip to the store shopping, making the Metro easy to customize.
  • Ultra Motor A2B Electric Bicycle - The A2B Metro is equipped with a system that gives the rider a choice – pedal power, power on demand or a combination. This is the perfect electric bicycle for short trips and commuting to work or school. They'll experience a new kind of freedom arriving to the destination fresh, not all sweaty and out of breath, because this bike will do all the work, with just twist the grip. Featuring front and rear suspension for a smooth ride, plus a surprisingly powerful 36v, 500w electric motor the A2B metro zips right along with a top speed of 20+ mph and has a range of 20 miles on a 3.5 hour charge which may be extended to 40 miles with an optional battery pack (sold separately). It even sports front & rear disc brakes for excellent stopping power. Here's an incentive to get your gift recipient out of the house, enjoy the great outdoors and live, this one nice ride.

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