ANDREA The Plant Air Purifier

They can try to engineer and design a better air purification system but certain plants are hard to beat thanks to their natural ability to cleanse the air. They remove toxins and produce fresh clean oxygen that we need to breathe. Andrea is a revolutionary new air purifier engineered to significantly improve the air filtration capacity of natural plants. This living filter speeds up the removal of harmful VOC's and toxins via the active breathing of the enclosed plant to constantly clean and oxygenate the rooms in your home 24/7/365. Andrea naturally purifies by drawing air in through a quiet fan to circulate it around the leaves and then the root system of the plant, and out through the water and soil filtration and back into the room.

You'll probably want to include a plant with this gift idea, it does not come with the plant, yet it works with nearly any household plant, but I've had good luck with the Peace Lily which your probably familiar with because the Peace Lily or (Spathiphyllum) are a rather popular house plant that is originally native to the rainforests of Central and South America. The peace lily also just so happens to be widely considered one of the better air purifiers which makes it well suited to this application. The Andrea plant air purifier is obviously ozone free and of course there are no replaceable filters.

Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum
Peace Lily the Air Purifying Plant
Image viaWikipedia