Kids Crafts Bead Chest

bead bazaar bead chest
This gift really brightens up the girls room and it's a particularly nice present for girls that enjoy arts & crafts projects. These attractive Bead Bazaar Bead Chestsbazaar bead chests are hand-crafted wooden chests featuring very pretty colors with whimsical patterns like heart's, flower's and dragonfly's on the sides, and big knobs on it's 3 drawers, which are lined for a lovely touch. Each bead chest comes with a nifty carrying case so she can bring it with. The artsy chest also comes with a crafty bead kit complete with enough wooden beads, charms and string to make a few jewelry pieces, to get the girl started. cut bead chestBead Bazaar bead chests are available in several unique, hand-crafted and environmentally friendly styles. For ages 5+