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SX210 is Compact
Looking for the best compact digital camera on the market right now? Check out the NEW!!! Canon SX210 IS, it's  a powerful yet compact unit  that shoots still images at a whopping 14.1 Mega Pixels  and stunning 720p HD Video too. Now that's all fine and dandy, but what really sets this compact digital camera apart from all the others is it's 14x optical superzoom. That's right! In a world where 3x is the norm for optical zoom power, the Canon SX210 IS has a powerful 14x optical zoom stuffed neatly into a surprisingly slim & compact digital camera body. In fact when you power-up the SX210 IS, the zoom telescopes out pretty far and it means business, it's a lot of power at hand. Your gift recipient will really be impressed because they will be able to zoom in more and capture far away objects much better.

Digital photography equipment has been evolving at such a rapid pace even photo experts have a tough time keeping up with new refinements on all the different camera models, but one thing is for sure, this new upgrade on last years SX200 IS to 2010's SX210 IS from Canon stands out as the best compact digital camera out right now.