Blongo Ball Lawn Game Set

blongo ball set
Blongo Ball Set
Here's a gift that will turn the backyard, camping trip, or festival weekend into the fun zone. There's nothing more enjoyable than passing the seemingly endless summer days playing lawn games and Blongo Ball is one of the best games there is. It's a complete lawn game set that combines elements from bocce, horseshoes, croquet, and other lawn sports, with a twist! It's easy to learn too, you simply toss Blongo Balls, which are essentially two small balls connected by a rope at the goal. The object of Blongo Ball is to wrap your tethered Blongo Balls around one of the horizontal bars of the goal of the 3 tiered goal which are worth 1, 2 or 3 points, you play to 21 points. You can even add a bit of defensive strategy to the game by trying to knock your opponent's Blongo Balls off the bars. Blongo Ball is actually becoming a rather popular outdoor game with college kids.

blongo ball bagThe bag makes it  really easy to store and carry the game around, it's a must have accessory available separately. The simple mesh bag is the perfect size for the length of the poles. Blongo Ball is appropriate for outdoor or indoor use. Ages 4+