ho ever your gifting the NEW Flip UltraHD micro camcorder by Mino is going to be very happy! This is one of our top selling gift ideas so far in 2010 and I can see why everybody is going crazy for it. This little pocket sized gadget shoots video in vivid, vibrant HD. It's so easy too, just press record to start capturing incredible HD video in seconds. When its time to share your video, use the flip-out USB arm to connect to any PC or Mac, launch the built-in FlipShare editing and video-sharing software. Built-in FlipShare software lets you easily email videos, edit individual clips, make custom movies, capture still photos from video, and even upload video to sharing sites like YouTube. Captures 2 hours of 16:9 widescreen, 720p (1280 x 720) HD video at 30 (fps) recorded as MP4 files, on 8 GB of built-in memory. No tapes or additional memory cards are required in the Flip UltraHD now that's what I call power in the palm of your hand! Talk about power, the Flip Ultra HD camcorder conveniently recharges itself when connected to any USB port, or it uses regular old easy to find AA batteries. You know, considering how much stuff goes into these high tech little James Bond worthy gadgets, it's a bargain at under $200, of course the digital video footage that comes out of these palm sized gizmo's is priceless.