Bodum French Coffee Press

ave you ever had coffee brewed with a French Press Pot? It's simply delicious! I got turned on to the awesomeness of the French Press coffee pot by a former roommate years ago. This is a wonderful gift for coffee connoisseurs. There's nothing quite like a cup of coffee made from freshly ground gourmet coffee beans from some exotic location around the world, like award winning farm roasted 100% Kona Coffee.

The French Press Pot uses a healthy stainless steel screen to filter the coffee grounds instead of a paper filter which soaks up the rich flavorful oils from the beans, for superior flavor. The Bodum French press offers and intensely aromatic cup of coffee, in fact most coffee aficionados believe that the French press, or plunger, style of coffee maker produces the smoothest cup of coffee possible.This style of coffee maker is also considered one of the more eco friendly ways to brew up a cup of joe since it uses no disposable coffee filters.