Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball

fushigi magic gravity ball
I was over at my friend Adams house and we were watching a concert video. All of a sudden he pulled out this silvery sphere which he was manipulating in such a way as to create the illusion that the sphere was floating in his fingers, hands and all around him, defying the laws of gravity. It's a Fushigi Ball I said with excitement. Ya, mom gave it to me for Christmas Adam said.

ALTxTAGsWOW! The thing really works just like on TV. It's just a cool silvery looking ball he says, I've been practicing a couple hours a day. Playing dumb I said, so it's not an anti-gravity device? I thought at least it would have some kind of gyroscopic spinner inside that helps you with the magic gravity part or something. Um... Nope it's all me he says. I was a little surprised, but you've got to know Adam, he's the juggler, uni-cycle type with a few card tricks up his sleeve and that's just the type of person the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball is perfect for. His mom knew he'd eat it up.

ALTxTAGsNow Adam is not a kid, he's a professional chef that went to culinary arts school proving this  novelty gift idea is not so much for an age range, as it is for a personality type. If the person on your gift list is into hand is quicker than the eye type of illusions, hacky sack or juggling they are going to love the Fushigi. I can't explain it but the silvery look adds a special curiosity to the Fushigi Ball that makes me wonder...