Message Bean Birthday Gift

pring has officially sprung! That's right, March 20th or this past Saturday was the first day of spring, and with that in mind I have a unique birthday gift idea today. Have somebody on your gift list with a green thumb?  Check out these Magic Beans! This cute growing kit comes with everything required to grow a little bean stalk, all that's needed is water! It's a bean stalk with the message "Happy Birthday" magically appearing on the newly sprouted bean plant! I'm still puzzled as to
how they get the message onto the newly sprouted bean pod, but It's simply amazing because there is no indication from the outside that it's got a special message. The happy birthday message bean is all-natural and may be kept as a keepsake or actually grown to full size, keep in mind that this is a real beanstalk called "The Jack Bean" as it can grow to 20 ft. or more over the summer. Guaranteed to surprise, excite, and amaze the gift recipient!