Jada Battle Machines

jada battle machines
Jada Battle Machines are the hottest R/C gifts going. There's more to Battle Machines than simply driving around aimlessly. These are actually a fun game of R/C car tag. Jada R/C Battle Machines have a laser on the hood, fire the laser at at the rear of an opponent's car, if his vehicle is hit, the opponent loses control of his R/C car for a few seconds while it rumbles and shakes. After a few good hits, the vehicle stalls until easily reset. These vehicles move rather jada 1999 chevy silverado dooley red r/c truckfast, even watching can be quite amusing and exciting, but battling your friends is a blast. jada 1969 chevy camaro ss r/c car In fact Jada Battle Machines are equipped with several frequencies so up to 6 players may battle at once. Obviously two Battle Machines are needed to battle, so gift a 2-pack if just getting started. Jada combines the fun of radio control cars with the combat action of laser tag making it an awesome gift for boys or girls 6-12 years old.