Kids Learning Tablet

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet (Green)
Leapfrog Explorer
You know it's time to get your kid a tablet when you have to plead to get yours back!  And here's the ideal learning tablet for kids from LeapFrog. It's the new LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet and it's a wonderful gift for boys and girls around the ages of 4 to 9 years old. If your not familiar with the new kids tablet from Leapfrog, let me fill you in. There are over a hundred games, videos, books and apps available for the kids tablet  (sold separately) which helps keep kids occupied on long trips in the car, and when waiting for a table at your favorite restaurant on a busy Friday night, if you know what I mean! And you'll smile knowing it's an educational tool that also entertaining your child.

If your already familiar with the LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet from Leapster your probably thinking, OK I bet I'll have to buy new books and games right? You'll bepink tabletpleasantly surprised to know that all of the games, books etc. from the Explorer Library are fully compatible with the new kids tablet. Some of the cool features include a built-in camera and a video recorder for making movies too. And what tablet would be complete without a real touch screen just like mommy or daddies right? Well this tablet especially for kids sports a real 5" touch screen for use with a finger.

The LeapPad explorer comes complete with 4 apps including Pet Pad, Story Studio, Art Studio and one app of your choice.  It's a good idea however to include a download card so the child may select something from the LeapFrog App Center
and add basic scholastic skills, sing-along songs and award-winning LeapFrog videos!   learn animal facts with a series of Discovery Education videos.. Has 2GB of built in memory too. Also it's a good idea to get the case to protect the unit.