Power Miners from LEGO

lego power miners
LEGO Power Power Miners
Power Miners is an elite force of mining specialists that have been dispatched by the government to find out what's been causing earthquakes around the world. The LEGO power miners have established a rather large underground base to investigate the quakes which have devastated cities on Earths surface. They discover that something called ALTxTAGsrock monsters are causing the rumblings on the planets surface and that the Rock Monsters actually consume crystals. It is absolutely imperative to find the Rock Monsters’ hive and destroy them all before the planet is completely over run and no one can escape. LEGO Power Miners is a gift for boys that combines the fun of construction toys with the ingenuity of Lego for toys that encourage children to develop the necessary fine motor skills for later in life.
  • Power Miners Thunder Driller - The Thunder Driller is the most critical vehicle in the Power Miners team it's the only way they can reach the underground caves to find the Rock Monsters hives.
  • Power Miners Crystal King - The king of the Rock Monsters is the Power Miners’ greatest rival. The Power Miners defend themselves against the Crystal King with the power-drill!
  • Power Miners Titanium Command Rigpower miners titanium command rig - The Command Rig converts from a vertical drilling platform that crushes solid rock with its titanium planetary drill, to a powerful escape vehicle!
  • Power Miners Underground Mining Station - The Power Miners have built this massive underground mining station to help them gather crystals. Transport the precious cargo across lava rivers using the zip line. When rock monsters threaten, spot them with the huge searchlight, then use the dynamite thrower to drive them off.