Wedding Reception Dance Floor Decal

monogram wedding dance floor decal H
appy Easter! The wedding season is now in full swing with arrival of spring. This years personalized wedding gifts  and accessories are the best ever. I saw this lovely personalized wedding gift recently at a wedding reception that I attended. It's a very classy wedding dance floor decal monogrammed with the wedding date, couples new initial and personalized with the newlywed's first names. Absolutely perfect gift for the  wedding reception dance floor. It was a very special moment when the couple danced together on the spot and it added a special flair to the reception and wedding pictures. I overheard several guests ask where to where they could get one. I think this gift will be a big hit at the wedding, and a souvenir treasured for years to come. Place it in the middle of the reception hall dance floor to encourage eyes (and feet) to gather together on the dance floor and celebrate the newlywed couple!
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