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Nothing brings back a flood of memories from childhood quite like the candy we loved when we were youngsters, and that is exactly what makes them a wonderful gift idea for special occasions that celebrate milestones that encourage a look back at the past such as birthdays and anniversaries.
1950's Retro Candy Gift
You won't find most of your favorite old fashioned candy at the hometown grocery store anymore, in fact it's become pretty hard to find in any stores. If you didn't know where to find it you may think they stopped making it entirely and in some cases they actually have discontinued varieties.
1960's Retro Candy Gift
Luckily I found a place that still sells old-fashioned candy. They have a very nice website along with a retail store located in California. Ordering old school candy online is quick, convenient and dependable. They sell a wide variety of gift boxes, baskets and more, I particularly like the Pick-a-Decade Retro Candy1970's Retro Candy Gift Boxes that feature the most popular candy selections of the 90's, 80's, 70's, 60's etc...

1980's Retro Candy GiftThe retro candy box assortments are perfect for birthday gifts and anniversary gifts. For instance if your friend is celebrating his or her 50th birthday this year (2014) that means they were born in 1964, you'd get your friend a 1960's retro candy box. If they were born in 1974 you would get a 70's retro candy assortment.