On The Rocks Whiskey Stones Gift Set

on the rocks whiskey stones gift set
Whiskey Stones Gift Set
First of all, I know what it looks like but, this is not a gag gift. The whiskey stones gift set is for the person that enjoys a little scotch or bourbon after work, read-on!

Whiskey Stones are handcrafted from soapstone in the USA. They are easy to use too, just chill the stones in the freezer, place in the glass and pour the liquor in. The whiskey stones cool the spirits without diluting the flavors, unlike ice which waters down the liquor. Whiskey stones keep the drink nice and cool for a surprisingly long time too, it keeps the drink cool for a good 45 minutes. It makes nice, high quality liquors a pleasure to enjoy as each sip is as good and undiluted as the first one. It's important to note that the frozen stones will not make the drink as cold as ice and it's not supposed to. They are intended to chill the beverage to the ideal sipping temperature and they do that well.

on the rocks gift ideasHere is a set of 6 handsome granite whiskey sea stones drink chillers. This set of six comes in a handy wooden tray for popping into the freezer. You wouldn't know it by looking at these whiskey stones but the idea of these chilling discs came to be because the same New England artisans that make sea stone napkin rings had excess material and wanted to put it to good use!
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