Sticky Mosaics

sticky mosaics
Heart Shaped Box
Here is a great Valentines Day gift for crafty kids. Remember those paint by number kits your sister loved when you were kids? Today the one of the hottest gifts going is the latest thing in art by numbers. Sticky Mosaics makes creating a dazzling work of art is as easy as 1-2-3. Girls of all ages will cherish this very pretty heart shaped box they make all by themselves with the help of an Orb Factory Sticky Mosaic kit.

What is a mosaic? It is an accepted art form where a person puts small pieces of material together to create a larger picture. Typical materials used are glass, tile, marble, crystals, mirror pieces, shells etc...

heart shaped mosaics boxThis decorate-by-number craft kit gift will keep her busy for hours because there are a lots of pretty jewels to put on the Heart Shaped Mosaic Kit heart shaped mosaic kit which includes a mirror, felt and several hundred sparkling jewel stickers with self-adhesive on the backside of them. Girls will exercise their minds and nimble little fingers as they transform the numbered template box into a colorful finished keepsake by matching up the numbered spaces on the box with the corresponding numbers on the dazzling "jewels" Then when it's all done she can fill the jeweled box with her valued treasures.

Orb Factory Sticky Mosaic Twinkle TiarasHere's another idea from Orb Factory. It won the Learning Express 2010 Best Toy Award in the "Girl 5+" category and brings all the fun and excitement of mosaics art to younger girls. The award winning toy is Twinkle Tiaras featuring 6 colorful tiaras. Somebody's next slumber party is going to be a big hit! Six little princesses will each decorate one of the Twinkle Tiaras, Great for play dates and birthday parties.

Orb Factory Sticky Mosaic Twinkle TiarasSticky Mosaics aren't just for girls either. Orb Factory has craft projects for boys too. Boys will like the decorate by number kits featuring pirates, dinosaurs and more...

Sticky Mosaics makes it easy for boys and girls to create mosaic artwork!
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