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Welcome to our gift ideas blog featuring great gift ideas for everyone on your gift shopping list! This is where we spotlight the best gifts we find while sifting n' sorting through all the riff-raff! Blog gift ideas range from classic time tested gifts to  unique findings, even wild & crazy eclectic stuff, we just couldn't resist.

Personalized Gifts for Kids

March 18, 2014

Gifts for Kids Personalized

personalized childrens books
You want to get something other than the usual toys, clothes and candy for that youngster in your life. The variety of personalized gifts out there has evolved from the basic coffee mugs and mouse pads with a person's name them, into the trendy new customized gift for everybody, even the cool kids! The list of gifts that can be personalized nowadays is virtually infinite. From sports gear to t-shirts and books today's kids are lucky to receive such a nice presents.

Basketball Laundry Shoot Personalized gifts like children's books can be given to boys & girls for almost any holiday or special occasion. They make very nice presents for celebrations such as Christmas and birthdays. Certainly personalized books make wonderful gifts because the kids are always delighted when they are the hero in one of their favorite stories.
Birthday Banner Cake
Kids in preschool and elementary school are at the age where they are fascinated with letters and love spelling their names. How much fun to get a toy like a step stool personalized with their name on it!

Personalized Marvel t-shirt for kids. Even kids need a closet full of cool t-shirts to grab from and good personalized t-shirts are the best. No, one of those grainy icky old photo shirts, we're taking about the cute new school trendy shirts featuring cool custom personalized Marvel comic book character designs like the one here.

These are just a few of the new generation of cool presents that have that personalized touch to them. For a whole lot more wonderful personalized presents for kids of all ages visit our Personalized gift guide.

St. Patrick's Day Presents

March 16, 2014
Each year on March 17th we recognize Saint Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland. Proudly, this is the national holiday of Ireland, but celebration has spread around the world well beyond the Emerald Isle. One could say that this holiday which encourages a lot of eating and drinking has taken on a life of its own.

Holidays like St. Patrick's day are always a good excuse to have a great time. Whether your hosting a party at home or going out to an Irish pub to celebrate there's a bunch of awesome St. Patrick's Day stuff out there to help you feel in a festive mood. We've all seen the person that wears fun green hat and shamrock glasses has the most fun.

Stop by our popular St. Patrick's Day gift guide for awesome Irish ideas for St. Patrick's Day.

I Need Help Finding the Right Gift

January 22, 2013
Are you thinking to yourself, I need some help finding the perfect gift? You got it! Here's a really nice social networking community featuring gift experts sharing their favorite gift choices with shoppers. You'll find the hottest gifts of the season featured and if you need personal help narrowing down the ideal gift for your friend or loved one your in luck because, our gift ideas forum is the best place to get the extra attention you deserve, just ask a friendly gift expert for help.

So whether your shopping for the perfect wedding present for a friend, something for a loved ones milestone birthday approaching, or a gift for Christmas, we are here to help you! Stop by and see us at our main HQ. We also have a great gift ideas site on Facebook, Google G+, Pinterest and even Tumblr.

If you are a professional you'll find many opportunities to guest blog and share your gift ideas with shoppers and also help shoppers find the best gift for their recipient. The best part is that anyone can browse the site for gift ideas and if you feel like participating in the community then membership is absolutely free for both shoppers and gift experts.

Wedding Gift Ideas

April 12, 2012
 gift ideas for weddings

It's wedding Season again! When shopping for a wonderful wedding gifts many of us are not sure how to find that perfect present when shopping for the wedding couple. Now-a-days we have even more gift selections than back in the day, but times have changed and what was acceptable many years my not be cool today. So, what's good wedding gift etiquette?

Many bigger stores offer a wedding gift registry so the lucky couple can go through the catalog and put together their wedding gift wish list. After they have picked out what they could use, the wedding gift registry is then relayed to all of the wedding guests by the family members. A good reason set up a registry is to reduce the chance of receiving duplicate gifts. Wedding gifts are typically products that the couple can utilize in their new home. Gifts for the home are often preferred by the couple because gifts for the home are practical and show that you took the time and extra effort to narrow down something nice.

So some friends of yours recently became engaged to be married and you are very excited to see them tie the knot and now your getting some ideas for a nice engagement gift to let them know your happy. Coming up there will be many opportunities to get the couple something bigger, this is a good time for a small token of congratulations.

Bridal showers have turned into a celebration for the women to come together and spoil the bride-to-be and get her all ready for married life. This is the perfect chance to hook her up with nice presents. The hard part when attempting to select a really nice bridal shower gift is go with with a gift that expresses your personal relationship with the bride-to-be. Pretty much anything that focuses on her, or your relationship with the bride, is acceptable particularly if it accentuates her special day or honeymoon, it will be right.

Some people prefer to bypass the bride and grooms wedding gift registry when selecting wedding gift for the bride & groom. Keep in mind that if you buy a gift for something that isn't on the couples wedding registry list, you could get the couple a wedding present they simply won't use. The couple picked out items they needed so if you deviate from the plan just do your research to guard away from conflicting issues.

Acting as a bridesmaid for her, is certainly a big privilege, but it's a lot of work so most brides will give the wedding attendants a nice gift. Depending upon the direction you want to go, here are some great ideas for bridesmaid gifts, from sensible to trendy. Because the maid of honor takes on more even more duties than the rest of the bridesmaids, her gift may be a little fancier from the others. Often this additional gift for the Maid of Honor will entail of a nice personalized gift such as bridal jewelry, a picture frame, jewelry box, or a even a tote bag.

When scoping out groomsmen's gifts, the symbolism of the relationship should be the the most important factor when deciding on a great gift for him. Here's a gift guide featuring some cool gift ideas and tips on how to narrow down the top groomsmen's gifts.

Shopping for that perfect gift for your Best Man shouldn't be that tough although if you have several gift ideas in mind it can be a little bit confusing deciding which one is best, for your preferred man. So it becomes difficult to choose the one among them.

Anyone can just show up for the wedding day, the hard part is finding the perfect gift for the groom and bride. Wedding gift ideas can be useful as well as fun. You can give the wedding couple presents for their new household. If you are still questioning what to gift the couple for their wedding, consider the simple route like a gift card from a popular store. You can also send a gift card from the place where they have their gift registry.

Then of course there is the new trend of personalized wedding gifts which often celebrate the joyous event with a customized touch. Today there's a variety of presents that can be customized like are photo frames & wedding albums, wedding keepsakes, throws, clocks, home decor, gardening gifts and much more. For more timely wedding gifting tips visit our site. There are certainly plenty more wedding gift etiquette tips to assure that everybody is happy without offending anybody. (more)


Birthday Gift Ideas

February 4, 2012
birthday clown with balloonsBirthday celebrations are joyous occasions and aside from the birthday cake and blowing out the candles, one of the highlights of the big event are the birthday gifts presented by friends and loved ones. Milestone Birthdays sure can be fun if done right. If you're searching for birthday gift ideas, we have some cool suggestions to get you thinking.

For a friend, spouse, or beloved family member celebrating a special milestone birthday, the gift is best matched to the birthday persons personality. After all a person only turns thirty, forty or fifty once, so it would be a shame to miss out on that perfect gift that melds the birthday person's personal interests yet in a way symbolizes how you feel about that individual.

A personalized birthday picture frame is one of those versatile birthday presents that works equally well for a child's first birthday or a 50th birthday gift. 




Gourmet Monthly Clubs
Gift of The Month Club
gift of the month Gourmet gift club memberships range between 2-12 months and include a personalized gift announcement for each gift membership. From their original 6 of The Month Club featuring the worlds finest micro brews to Gourmet cheese, wine, cigar, chocolate clubs and more.

Gift Giving Tip: According to Professors Cele Otnes and Richard Beltramini, two gift giving experts and authors of Gift Giving: A Research Anthology, there are 6 proven characteristics that make up a perfect gift:
  1. The giver makes an extraordinary sacrifice.
  2. The giver wishes solely to please the recipient
  3. The gift is a luxury.
  4. The gift is something uniquely appropriate to the recipient.
  5. The recipient is surprised by the gift.
  6. The recipient desires the gift and is delighted by it.

Hopefully these insights will help you on your next gift giving occasion!

Cloud 9 Living
Experience Gifts
experience gift ideas for Here's a gift the recipient will cherish for the rest of their life, it's called an experience gift and it's the coolest idea ever! Cloud9Living offers over 1500 unique experiences that range from hot air ballooning, romantic dinner cruises and guided shopping tours to driving experiences, Superbowl Packages, skydiving and more. Don't just give somebody a cheezy gift, give them an experience to remember!

Taylor Gifts
Gifts & As Seen on TV Items
Taylor Gift n Ideas You saw it on TV. It's the ideal gift for someone on your gift list this year, so where do you buy a Twin Draft Guard, Perfect Patch Grass, Windshield Wonder or Shark Steam Mop? Taylor Gifts features all the As Seen On TV products and yes they sell the popular bottle tops you snap onto your soda can, btw those make great gifts. Check out all the gifts and ideas at

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