hese beautiful handmade baskets from Rwanda feature surprisingly high quality craftsmanship. Colored with a vibrant cerulean hue, the new True Unity bowl is a fresh re-telling of an amazing story. Groups of three lines, each one representing a people of Rwanda - Hutus, Tutsi and Twa - trace parallel paths along the surface of the bowl, creating a pattern that celebrates the people's new sense of unity, and the path they walk together.

What a wonderful gift to give, not to mention the fact that it helps the women of Rwanda is a honor. Helping to support artisans of poverty stricken and war torn areas of Africa, and around the world, make a better life for themselves and their families, with the Fair Trade sales of their handwoven baskets, handmade crafts and jewelry. Your purchases of handmade African baskets, from South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, the greatly publicized Rwandan Peace Baskets and other handmade crafts help provide needed income for these artisans.