SmartShopper Grocery-List Organizer

grocery list organizer gift for her
Grocery List Organizer
A useful gift gadget for a busy mom or homemaker. This electronic grocery list organizer from SmartShopper makes it simple to create a list of groceries needed on an upcoming shopping day. Add everything from food, beverages, and HBA products to cleaning, school, even office supplies. It can even be programmed to store new items. This handy electronic gadget doesn't merely add items to the shopping list, but it also organizes the grocery list into categories, for more efficient shopping trips. Thanks to its category-management function, it's even possible to match the grocery list to a store's particular layout. Plus, it can keep track of two separate lists simultaneously, iand also designate item quantities and star items that have coupons.

Attach the SmartShopper to the fridge door for easy access, when it's time to head to the grocery store, simply press the "print" button for a list that slips easily into a pocket or purse. Save time, money, and frustration, no more second trips for forgotten items or buying excess items that were already in the cupboard.