Sonic Boom Vibrating & Flashing Alarm Clock

sonic boom alarm clock
Ooooh, somebody's reeeeally going to love you for this gift, yep-a-roonie every time it goes off, he'll think about you! I once had a roommate in college that could sleep through almost anything, you know the type, great guy, fun at parties, he'd have every intention of getting up, but he was such a deep sleeper, the alarm clock would go off and he'd sleep right through it. It cost him plenty too, as others just didn't understand why he would be late, they would be harsh on him. He sure could have used a Sonic Boom Alarm Clock to wake him up.

The Sonic Boom employs a multi-faceted approach that will wake even the deepest sleeper. Featuring an extra loud 113db sonic alert with adjustable tone and volume control. Now if that doesn't wake the dead, there's the powerful bed shaker, that's right the Sonic Boom has a bed shaker, 'cause you can't be there to shake him yourself! But that's not all, there is a telephone signaler with built in flashing lights to alert him when the telephone rings or when the wake-up alarm going off. This gift idea can save him, his job. Check out the links below for more unique wake-me-up gift ideas.