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Welcome to our gift ideas blog featuring great gift ideas for everyone on your gift shopping list! This is where we spotlight the best gifts we find while sifting n' sorting through all the riff-raff! Blog gift ideas range from classic time tested gifts to  unique findings, even wild & crazy eclectic stuff, we just couldn't resist.

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Vintage Vinyl Record Gifts

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Thursday, January 20, 2011, In : Music Gift Ideas 

Vintage Vinyl LP Record Coasters - Set of 6

vintage vinyl record coasters
Vintage Coasters
If you have a music lover on your gift list, check out these cool vintage vinyl gift ideas. These eco-friendly gifts are handcrafted in the USA using only American made parts and materials, they're a cool turn on recycling! A great conversation starter at parties since practically everybody loves music.

What do you do if a friend wants a set of coasters? Get him or her something totally unique. Here's a set of 6 vintage ...

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A2B Electric Bicycle

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Tuesday, May 4, 2010, In : Luxury Gift Ideas 

A2B Electric Bicycle from Ultra Motor

a2b metro
The A2B Metro
Here's a gift that'll move them! Whether it's for mom, dad, a student or commuter, a new electric bicycle is an eco friendly luxury gift that makes it much easier to get out and about this summer and enjoy the fresh air. The only problem with electric bicyclesshop for electric bikes has been that, well, they looked like electric bicycles! Not anymore, check out this cool electric bike from Ultra Motor, the innovative A2B Metro is very good looking bike in...

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Automatic Electric Lawn Mower

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Thursday, April 22, 2010, In : Luxury Gift Ideas 

RoboMower Automatic Lawn Mower

Robo Mower
Imagine never needing to nag him about mowing the lawn again. And instead of mowing the lawn, he can spend time with the family or go golfing with you. What a luxury... You can stop dreaming, thanks to RoboMow, the innovative new automatic cordless electric lawn mower from Friendly Robotics is a reality. This electric gadget is life changing. I've categorized it as a luxury gift because it's not cheap however, because it's the top-of-the-line fully automat...

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10 Eco-Friendly Gifts

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Thursday, April 22, 2010, In : Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas 

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas Guide

eco friendly gift ideas
Happy Earth Day!!! Yes, it's Earth Day today, and we've put together a green gift guide featuring a fantastic selection of eco-friendly gift ideas. Giving green gifts with an eco-friendly twist is also a wonderful way to pass along the word to family and friends that green is a good alternative. Today, going green is not that difficult. From organic flowers to toys for kids the eco-conscious consumer has more eco-friendly gifts to select from than ever before ...

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French Press Coffee Maker

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Thursday, March 25, 2010, In : Gourmet Gift Ideas 

Bodum French Coffee Press

ave you ever had coffee brewed with a French Press Pot? It's simply delicious! I got turned on to the awesomeness of the French Press coffee pot by a former roommate years ago. This is a wonderful gift for coffee connoisseurs. There's nothing quite like a cup of coffee made from freshly ground gourmet coffee beans from some exotic location around the world, like award winning farm roasted 100% Kona Coffee.

The French Press Pot uses a healthy stainless steel screen t...

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Happy Birthday Message Bean!

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Tuesday, March 23, 2010, In : Birthday Gift Ideas 

Message Bean Birthday Gift

pring has officially sprung! That's right, March 20th or this past Saturday was the first day of spring, and with that in mind I have a unique birthday gift idea today. Have somebody on your gift list with a green thumb?  Check out these Magic Beans! This cute growing kit comes with everything required to grow a little bean stalk, all that's needed is water! It's a bean stalk with the message "Happy Birthday" magically appearing on the newly sprouted bean plant! I...

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Eco-Friendly Organic Flowers

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Saturday, March 20, 2010, In : Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas 

Organic Eco-Friendly Flowers

Send Eco-Elegant Flowers G
reen flowers? Now, the flower industry doesn't have the greenest track record in the world, so what a fresh change it is to have a new eco-friendly alternative in the floral industry. Yep, green green green and I'm not talking about the green eco-friendly flowersgreen flower bouquets presented to medalists at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games either. Just in time for Easter Sunday, which is a little early this year falling on April 4th, and Mothers Day in May, we are featuring a...

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Eco-Friendly Desk Stapler for Office

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Sunday, March 14, 2010, In : Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas 

Eco-Friendly Office Gift

ere's a cool gift idea for the go-green office geek on your shopping list. It's an eco-friendly paper stapler. What makes it so eco-friendly you ask? This cute little outfit uses no staples! This ingenious gift idea for the office cuts out tiny strips of paper in the corner of documents and uses the strips to "stitch" up to five pages of standard paper together. That means no more metal staples which is better for the Earth. And one more thing, it's excellent for us...

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Give the Gift of Trees

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Monday, January 25, 2010, In : Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas 
gift for the ages. A thoughtful and appreciated gift today, they go on to make a contribution for generations to come. When I discovered this program, I felt this is one of the best gifts I've ever seen, but what would you expect from someone whose last name translates into "tree garden" right? lol Anyway's the Arbor Day Foundation has 2 programs I like. Through the Gift Tree program, you can give hardy ready-to-plant trees to your family, friends, customers, guests, employees etc. or the ...

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EasyBloom Plant Sensor

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Sunday, January 24, 2010, In : Garden Gift Ideas 
hy didn't someone think of this before now? The gardener on your list will love you for giving this amazing gift for the garden. It's the EasyBloom and it's like is like having a GPS for the garden, it'll show which way to go with plant care to reach the destination. The result? A lot less time making up for wrong turns in the garden, and a lot more time enjoying the fruits of labor. EasyBloom is a perfect gift for novices to experts growers. The Plant Sensor actually plugs right into a PC ...

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Solar Moon Jar

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Thursday, January 21, 2010, In : Home Gift Ideas 
M   ade with a traditional Mason jar is a highly efficient solar cell, with rechargeable batteries and low energy LED lamps. Now you can store light in a jar with this high tech energy efficient solar light, When the weatherproof jar is placed outsiide in DIRECT sunlight, the solar cell in the Solar Moon Jar charges the rechargeable battery over a several hours. This energy is then used at night to power the three LED lamps inside the jar. The light is diffused by the frosted jar and gives i...
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World's Tallest Roses

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Thursday, January 21, 2010, In : Romantic Gift Ideas 
A re you searching for the perfect, unique gift? Talk about romantic, these spectacular eco-friendly roses measure 5-6 feet in height. Certified Organic or Verifloraand. They are sustainably grown on an Ecuadorian farm nestled between two volcanoes at more than 9,600 feet. These stunning red roses grow naturally tall in their native soil. Days of prolonged sunlight and cool nights allow the oversized beauties to flourish beyond expectation. The ultimate in elegance and beauty, each stem boas...
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TerraPass Green Gift Idea

Posted by flowski Brandon Baumgarten on Saturday, January 9, 2010, In : Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas 
terrapass eco-friendly green gift ideas
TerraPass is a great eco friendly gift idea for those looking to meet the challenge of reducing global warming by taking responsibility for cutting carbon emissions. TerraPass is a green gift that helps the recipient reduce the climate impact of their driving and everyday life. Through TerraPass, you help the person on your green gift list balance their emissions by funding clean energy and carbon reduction projects that help fight global warming.

A carbon offset is a certificate representin...

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Top 10 Eco Friendly Gift Ideas Wins Award!

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Wednesday, January 6, 2010, In : Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas 
More folks than ever are becoming eco-aware and looking for new creative ways to go green in their lives and lower their impact on the Earth. This year there's a new trend emerging, more people are making eco-friendly New Years Resolutions than ever before. Last year I put together an eco-friendly gift guide over at Squidoo. It's popularity really exploded, after it was awarded a coveted purple star and then nominated for a 2009 Giant Squid Award in the Green Category. It rose to the #1 spot ...

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Gourmet Monthly Clubs
Gift of The Month Club
gift of the month Gourmet gift club memberships range between 2-12 months and include a personalized gift announcement for each gift membership. From their original 6 of The Month Club featuring the worlds finest micro brews to Gourmet cheese, wine, cigar, chocolate clubs and more.

Gift Giving Tip: According to Professors Cele Otnes and Richard Beltramini, two gift giving experts and authors of Gift Giving: A Research Anthology, there are 6 proven characteristics that make up a perfect gift:
  1. The giver makes an extraordinary sacrifice.
  2. The giver wishes solely to please the recipient
  3. The gift is a luxury.
  4. The gift is something uniquely appropriate to the recipient.
  5. The recipient is surprised by the gift.
  6. The recipient desires the gift and is delighted by it.

Hopefully these insights will help you on your next gift giving occasion!

Cloud 9 Living
Experience Gifts
experience gift ideas for Here's a gift the recipient will cherish for the rest of their life, it's called an experience gift and it's the coolest idea ever! Cloud9Living offers over 1500 unique experiences that range from hot air ballooning, romantic dinner cruises and guided shopping tours to driving experiences, Superbowl Packages, skydiving and more. Don't just give somebody a cheezy gift, give them an experience to remember!

Taylor Gifts
Gifts & As Seen on TV Items
Taylor Gift n Ideas You saw it on TV. It's the ideal gift for someone on your gift list this year, so where do you buy a Twin Draft Guard, Perfect Patch Grass, Windshield Wonder or Shark Steam Mop? Taylor Gifts features all the As Seen On TV products and yes they sell the popular bottle tops you snap onto your soda can, btw those make great gifts. Check out all the gifts and ideas at

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