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Welcome to our gift ideas blog featuring great gift ideas for everyone on your gift shopping list! This is where we spotlight the best gifts we find while sifting n' sorting through all the riff-raff! Blog gift ideas range from classic time tested gifts to  unique findings, even wild & crazy eclectic stuff, we just couldn't resist.

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LeapPad Kids Tablet

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Friday, November 4, 2011, In : Kids Gift Ideas 

Kids Learning Tablet

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet (Green)
Leapfrog Explorer
You know it's time to get your kid a tablet when you have to plead to get yours back!  And here's the ideal learning tablet for kids from LeapFrog. It's the new LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet and it's a wonderful gift for boys and girls around the ages of 4 to 9 years old. If your not familiar with the new kids tablet from Leapfrog, let me fill you in. There are over a hundred games, videos, books and apps available for the kids tablet  (so...

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Christmas Spirit

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Friday, November 4, 2011, In : Christmas Gift Ideas 
Christmas Gifts Snowman
Christmas 2011
Gift Ideas
I am in the Christmas vibe this year thanks to that big October snowstorm which dumped as much as 15 inches of snow in parts of the Northeast, it really got me in the mood for the holidays. So today I started decorating the trees outside in the front yard, and I started thinking about gifts for friends and family. There's a nip in the air as the autumn leaves race to the ground in the crisp fall breeze, I take a break from holiday decorating to enjoy some hot apple ci...

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Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Saturday, December 11, 2010, In : Pet Gift Ideas 

Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy for Dogs

pet lovers gift idea
Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy
Do you know a bored dog? When dogs are bored, they can get depressed.  Doggie toys are a vital part to a pets happiness and well-being by keeping the pet challenged and providing much needed exercise. Hide-A-Squirrel is great gift for dogs of all ages and breeds. Simply hide the 3 soft plush squeaking squirrels inside the plush tree trunk. Your pet will enjoy looking around the trunk figuring out how to remove the squirrels. Th...

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Jada R/C Battle Machines

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Friday, April 23, 2010, In : Boys Gift Ideas 

Jada Battle Machines

jada battle machines
Jada Battle Machines are the hottest R/C gifts going. There's more to Battle Machines than simply driving around aimlessly. These are actually a fun game of R/C car tag. Jada R/C Battle Machines have a laser on the hood, fire the laser at at the rear of an opponent's car, if his vehicle is hit, the opponent loses control of his R/C car for a few seconds while it rumbles and shakes. After a few good hits, the vehicle stalls until easily reset. These vehicles move rathe...

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Fluffy Easter Bunny Zhu Zhu Pet

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Thursday, March 18, 2010, In : Kids Gift Ideas 

Fluffy Bunny Zhu Zhu Pet

hu Zhu Pets were the big hit toy of the 2009 Christmas Season and guess what, they've got a bunch of cute new Zhu Zhu Pets out now including a new limited special edition Zhu Zhu Easter bunny with big pink ears and nose, that's just as adorable as can be! Fluffy loves to spend her days hopping around Zhu Zhu town. This social little bunny loves making friends and is always going out of her way to be nice. One of her favorite things to do is read, and she recently ...

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Wii Video Game Gift

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Friday, January 22, 2010, In : Video Game Gift Ideas 
ideo game consoles, games and accessories have been at the top of many gamer gift wish list's for quite some time. Especially with Nintendo's Wii System which revolutionized the video game industry when it launched in November 2006. Nintendo’s philosophy for the Wii is for it to cater to non-gamers by featuring a unique new concept, a game controller with motion sensing capabilities. All of a sudden you didn't need to be a talented gamer to enjoy playing a video game! I expect it to be on...

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Solar Moon Jar

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Thursday, January 21, 2010, In : Home Gift Ideas 
M   ade with a traditional Mason jar is a highly efficient solar cell, with rechargeable batteries and low energy LED lamps. Now you can store light in a jar with this high tech energy efficient solar light, When the weatherproof jar is placed outsiide in DIRECT sunlight, the solar cell in the Solar Moon Jar charges the rechargeable battery over a several hours. This energy is then used at night to power the three LED lamps inside the jar. The light is diffused by the frosted jar and gives i...
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Joy by Jean Patou for Women

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Wednesday, January 20, 2010, In : Luxury Gift Ideas 
L   aunched by designer Jean Patou in 1930, JOY PERFUME is considered a refined, flowery fragrance recommended for evening wear. This womens blended scent is created with rare flowers in a unique concentration of exactly 10,600 flowers of jasmine and 28 dozens of roses. This romantic perfume is intense and luscious with an alluring floral composition,  The heart beats passionately in pure and sweetly fresh jasmine notes, seductive and balmy spicy and darkened iris root. The base whiffs with ...
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Keurig Gourmet Brewing System

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Thursday, January 14, 2010, In : Kitchen Gift Ideas 
N  ever deal with the mess of grinding, measuring coffee and the wet filter. The Keurig single cup system brews a single cup of fresh coffee or tea at the touch of a button. Choose one of four brew sizes and program the brew temperature with the easy to use controls. Ideal for entertaining, it brews a fresh cup of gourmet coffee, tea, or cocoa in less than a minute. The unit uses patented K-Cups, which offer over 150 different varieties of pre-measured gourmet coffee, tea, and cocoa from a ...
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Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR Camera

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Thursday, January 14, 2010, In : Tech Gadget Gifts 

C  ompact, lightweight with weather protection, EOS 5D Mark II features a newly-designed Canon CMOS sensor, with ISO sensitivity up to 25,600 for shooting in near dark conditions. The new DIGIC 4 processor combines with the improved CMOS sensor to deliver medium format territory image quality at 3.9 frames per second, for up to 310 frames. Triggered from Live View Mode, the new EOS 5D Mark II now has HD video capture which allows a full 1080 resolution for amazing quality video footage with ...

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Bananagrams Board Game

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Tuesday, January 12, 2010, In : Game Gift Ideas 

S ure to be a family favorite, Bananagrams is fast, portable fun word game for anyone who can spell. Bananagrams requires no pencil, paper or game board, all you need is a table. It's quick too, you are rewarded for speed and flexibility in making your own crossword..One round can be played in as little as five minutes. It is a great for family fun as well as being educational. Bananagrams portability makes it perfect for travel. Just grab the pouch and go, Bananagrams fits in a tote, backpa...

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Kindle 2 Wireless Reading Device

Posted by "flowski" Brandon on Monday, January 11, 2010, In : Tech Gadget Gifts 
kindle 2 giftThis is the ideal gift for bookworms! Have someone on your gift list that reads? Buy a Kindle 2, gift it, and you'll eternally savor the look on their face when they opened your gift and it's a Kindle 2!

Why? You're not a reader are you? Well at just over 1/3 of an inch, is as thin as most magazines & at 10.2 ounces, it's lighter than a typical paperback, yet this cool gadget holds like 1,500 books delivered wirelessly on-demand in less than 60 seconds via 3G wireless. No annual contracts, no...

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Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium

Posted by flowski Brandon Baumgarten on Saturday, January 9, 2010, In : Educational Gift Ideas 
Celestron SkyScout Handheld Planetarium

Talk about an amazing gift idea for anyone that loves astronomy. The SkyScout is a revolutionary handheld electronic gadget that uses advanced GPS technology to identify thousands of stars, planets, constellations and more with point and click simplicity.
Once you have targeted an object the real fun of this gift idea begins. SkyScout by Celestron is considered an educational gift idea too, the look and learn SkyScout includes entertaining and educational information, including facts, trivia,...
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Awesome Gift Idea for Drivers

Posted by flowski Brandon Baumgarten on Thursday, January 7, 2010, In : Tech Gadget Gifts 
Make calls hands-free and enjoy your all your music via the T505's internal 2-watt speaker or through your car speakers! I don't care who the driver on your gift list is this is the perfect gift for anybody that drives. This handy high tech gadget streams phone calls and all the music on a cell phone to the audio system in the car or truck, using Bluetooth technology and an FM transmitter, it wirelessly transforms the cars stereo into a full duplex in-car speakerphone keeping the driver in fu...

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Twilight Turtle

Posted by flowski Brandon Baumgarten on Wednesday, January 6, 2010, In : Toddler Gift Ideas 
One of our most popular gifts for toddlers this past holiday season was the Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light. The winner of several industry awards, including the Editor's Choice blue ribbon from Baby Talk the Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light transforms an infant or toddlers room into a magical star filled night sky which comforts the child to sleep. Twilight Turtle is much more than a nightlight that helps ease the children's fear of the dark however, this interactive and...

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NEW Zhu Zhu Pets Released!

Posted by flowski Brandon Baumgarten on Wednesday, January 6, 2010, In : Kids Gift Ideas 
Each Zhu Zhu Hamster has its own unique personality & whimsical sounds. In Loving Mode: pet them, love them, hear them chatter. In Explore Mode: let them scoot, scamper, across the floor. Provide them with their Hamster Habitat.

Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters took the world by storm this Christmas. The combination of broad appeal, high demand and short supply. Made it the trendy Christmas gift this year. Hamsters and accessories are selling like hotcakes and they can't keep up with the demand. This is j...

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Gourmet Monthly Clubs
Gift of The Month Club
gift of the month Gourmet gift club memberships range between 2-12 months and include a personalized gift announcement for each gift membership. From their original 6 of The Month Club featuring the worlds finest micro brews to Gourmet cheese, wine, cigar, chocolate clubs and more.

Gift Giving Tip: According to Professors Cele Otnes and Richard Beltramini, two gift giving experts and authors of Gift Giving: A Research Anthology, there are 6 proven characteristics that make up a perfect gift:
  1. The giver makes an extraordinary sacrifice.
  2. The giver wishes solely to please the recipient
  3. The gift is a luxury.
  4. The gift is something uniquely appropriate to the recipient.
  5. The recipient is surprised by the gift.
  6. The recipient desires the gift and is delighted by it.

Hopefully these insights will help you on your next gift giving occasion!

Cloud 9 Living
Experience Gifts
experience gift ideas for Here's a gift the recipient will cherish for the rest of their life, it's called an experience gift and it's the coolest idea ever! Cloud9Living offers over 1500 unique experiences that range from hot air ballooning, romantic dinner cruises and guided shopping tours to driving experiences, Superbowl Packages, skydiving and more. Don't just give somebody a cheezy gift, give them an experience to remember!

Taylor Gifts
Gifts & As Seen on TV Items
Taylor Gift n Ideas You saw it on TV. It's the ideal gift for someone on your gift list this year, so where do you buy a Twin Draft Guard, Perfect Patch Grass, Windshield Wonder or Shark Steam Mop? Taylor Gifts features all the As Seen On TV products and yes they sell the popular bottle tops you snap onto your soda can, btw those make great gifts. Check out all the gifts and ideas at

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