Totally Bamboo Sushi Gift Set

sushi gift set
Bamboo Sushi Gift Set
Have a sushi lover on your gift list? Surprise him/her with this attractive Bamboo Sushi Gift Set made of natural laminated strips of bamboo. Why Bamboo? It's actually harder than wood, bamboo won't absorb water, crack, or peel and most importantly it's China-grown "moso" bamboo, a variety of bamboo that's easy on the planet. This sushi gift set is sushi lover gift idea a beautiful, functional, ecologically sound addition to any home.  This sets pleasing designs are created by mixing naturally colored bamboo with steamed bamboo, steaming darkens the bamboo naturally by caramelizing sugars the in the wood. Perfect enjoying take-out sushi at home.

The Totally Bamboo Sushi Set consists of:
  • 1 medium 6-by-9-1/2-inch bamboo sushi plate
  • 2 round 2-inch bamboo bowls
  • 2 pairs bamboo chopsticks
  • 2 bamboo chopstick rests
A total of 7 pieces in this lovely set! Totally Bamboo prides itself on using only premium hand-selected bamboo, innovative design, exemplary craftmanship, and fair labor policies. Totally Bamboo gift sets come attractively boxed in natural packaging.