orget what you think know about starting a charcoal grill and check this out. I'm at my friend Brandon's house and we picked up a couple of steaks right. He goes out to the patio to start the grill and I see this handsome grill. Well he presses a button and the thing takes off like a jet engine. Whadayaknow it's got a propane system built in to light the coals, and it's not messin' around, which is good because I'm hungry. I think to myself, why didn't they think of this before. This means no more smelly charcoal lighter fluid. No more electric starters. The Performer charcoal grill uses a propane gas assist to light the briquettes super fast. Charcoal cooking with the convenience of a gas grill and plenty of cook space with the 22 1/2" porcelain-enameled bowl and lid make this grill a charcoal grill lovers dream come true!