Garden PlantCam

Garden Plant Cam
ummer races by to quick to sit around and watch the grass grow. This is a nice gift for gardners. They put so much energy into growing the garden, it's rewarding at the end of the season to look back and watch how the garden grew in fast-forward with this revolutionary, 4.0 megapixel time lapse camera. The Wingscapes Timelapse PlantCam is weatherproof so it can be used outdoors or inside. The gardner can set the PlantCam to take photos or videos at a set time interval to create  time lapse movies of plants in fast-forward! Get creative with this gardening gift, the PlantCam can be adapted to a variety of different uses from photos of weather, parties, construction of a home, etc...

What is time-lapse? Photos are converted into a video so you can watch a long period of plant growth in a very short time, that means 1 month of garden time lapse plays in like 30 seconds. The PlantCam records photos and videos to an SD card or internal memory then watch images on any TV or computer. It's simple to use too, no tools, wiring, or software is required.