The Only Complete Swiss Army Knife. P
roving that you never know where that  next unique gift idea going to come from, I was inspired by The Price is Right game show for today's gift idea, None other than The Worlds Largest Swiss Army Knife! I was watching TPIR, and an the item came up for bid Drew Carey said it was The Worlds Largest Swiss Army Knife. I remembered seeing it somewhere, it took me a minute to think of just where, and then bingo it hit me, I'd seen it at Hammacher Schlemmer and off I went to find it.

And here it is, presenting the quite possibly the best gift for the guy that has everything, none other than the The Largest Swiss Army Knife in The World is made by Wenger the official maker of Swiss Army Knives since 1893 and features every tool ever featured on a Swiss Army knife. This is no ordinary pocket knife, this monster boasts 85 multi-function tools and believe it or not, actually holds the Guinness World Record for "The Most Multi-functional Penknife". I placed this collectors knife in the luxury gift category because at $1400 it's expensive and over the top extravagant.
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