Yookidoo Flow 'N' Fill Tub Spout

Yookidoo Tub Toys
Rub-a-dub Toddler loves the tub! This tub toy  can make the difference between a toddler that loves bath time and one who doesn't. Yookidoo Flow N' Fill Spout is the tub toy with an automatic play spout that attaches to the tub and offers toddlers entertaining water play. Water is sucked up through the tube and out through the spout, water is drawn right from the tub, creating a continuous stream of water to play with. Toddler will enjoy three different activity tumblers to play with the water as it falls. create a shower with one and turn a propeller with another. The third tumbler features a hidden friend inside who floats to the surface when filled with water - peek-a-boo.

Yookidoo Stack 'N' Stream Tub Fountain

yookidoo-toddler-tub-toy-100x100Base attaches to the bottom of the tub and draws water up through the center creating a magical fountain for bath time play. As boats and characters are stacked up on the base, the water flows through each one and out the top. Change the figures on top for different effects. Figures are shaped for interchangeable stacking - no right or wrong. Great for gift for babies and toddlers.