Gifts for Zen Living

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Zen Gifts
If the person on your gift list is traveling down the road to spiritual enlightenment in the Zen, here are appropriate zen gift ideas for her or him. Zen living, is balanced living and zen gifts aid in the quest for the attainment of enlightenment via meditation and the practice of dharma. Zen gifts can transform her inner space... Excellent examples of  gifts with a zen theme are zen gardens, bonsai trees, gongs, singing bowls, meditation aids and books. In practicing Zen meditation, the mind and body should be one. The purer the mind, the purer the body andzen windbell the purer the body the purer the mind. Buddhas teachings were interpreted in many different ways which depended on each individual understanding of his disciples. It is believed that Feng Shui Windbell may bring you wealth and keep your home peaceful and safe by frighten away evil spirits.

zen garden

Zen Garden

There is something...well, Zen, about this Buddha tabletop Zen garden. Who can't use a stress buster, or a way to ponder the greater mysteries of life? This serene and scenic gift item provides the perfect way to meditate by drawing patterns in the sand, and even supplies the rake to erase your doodles so you can start afresh whenever you want. A terrific office gift that will draw both staff and visitors to try their hand at sand art.

zen singing bowl tibetan

Singing Bowl

Singing Bowls are one of the ancient Tibetan meditation tools. The pure ringing sound produced when the rim is rubbed by the mallet is said to put the brain into a meditative state. The vibrations of the singing bowls have the same wavelength found in the brainwaves that produce feelings of relaxation.


Tabletop Gong

This Zen Art Brass Feng Shuii Desktop Gong makes a soothing sound! Peacefully positioned in a contemporary black ash wood finished frame, this handcrafted brass gong is ideal for a personal meditation experience. Simply strike the Zen Table Gong with its attached black rubber mallet, to bring strength and happiness into the day. An unique exotic addition to your desk too. Minimalistic design stand that requires very small foot print, and allows the gong to "shine". and black rubber mallet, the Desk Gong makes a wonderful display in any home or office.