2010 Gift Holidays List

Here's a handy reference list featuring major 2010 holidays. We have also included some additional Nationally observed special interest holidays in the list.

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January Holiday List
Friday, January 1 New Year's Day
Monday, January 18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Additional January Observances:
January 6 Cuddle Up Day
January 12 Pharmacist Day
January 19 Popcorn Day
January 29 Puzzle Day

March Holiday List
Sunday, March 7 Academy Awards Wednesday, March 17 St. Patrick's Day Sunday, March 28 Palm Sunday Tuesday, March 30 Passover

Additional March Observances:
March 6 Dentist's Day
March 9 Employee Appreciation Day
March 11 Worship of Tools Day
March 18 Absolutely Incredible Kids Day
March 22 Goof Off Day
March 30 Doctor's Day

May Holiday List
Saturday, May 1 May Day
Tuesday, May 4 Teacher's Day
Wednesday, May 5 Cinco de Mayo
Sunday, May 9 Mother's Day
Wednesday, May 12 Receptionist Day
Saturday, May 15 Armed Forces Day
Monday, May 24 Victoria Day (Canada)
Monday, May 31 Memorial Day

Additional May Observances:
May 12 International Nurse's Day
May 12 Receptionist Day
May 15 Chocolate Chip Day
May 16 Love a Tree Day
May 23 Geek Pride

July Holiday List
Thursday, July 1 Canada Day
Sunday, July 4th Independence Day USA

Additional July Observances:
July 2 I Forgot Day
July 18 Ice Cream Day
July 20 Moon Day
July 24 Cousins Day
July 30 Father in Law Day

September Holiday List
Monday, September 6 Labor Day
Tuesday, September 7 Back to School
Thursday, September 9 Rosh Hashanah
Saturday, September 11 Patriot Day
Sunday, September 12 Grandparent's Day
Saturday, September 18 Yom Kippur
Friday, September 24 Native American Day

Additional September Observances:
September 6 Fight Procrastination Day
September 9 Teddy Bear Day
September 18 Wife Appreciation Day
September 19 International Talk Like a Pirate Day
September 22 Elephant Appreciation Day

November Holiday List
Tuesday, November 2 Election Day
Thursday, November 11 Veterans Day
Thursday, November 25 Thanksgiving

Additional November Observances:
November 3 Housewife's Day
November 19 Play Monopoly Day
November 20 Beautiful Day

February Holiday List
Tuesday, February 2 Ground Hog Day
Sunday, February 7 Super Bowl Sunday,
February 14 Valentine's Day
Sunday, February 14 Chinese New Year
Monday, February 15 Presidents' Day
Tuesday, February 16 Mardi Gras
Wednesday, February 17 Ash Wednesday

Additional February Observances:
February 11 Make a Friend Day
February 17 Randon Acts of Kindness Day
February 20 Love Your Pet Day
February 27 No Brainer Day

April Holiday List
Thursday, April 1 April Fools Day
Friday, April 2 Good Friday
Sunday, April 4 Easter Sunday
Wednesday, April 21 Admin. Professionals Day
Thursday, April 22 Earth Day
Friday, April 30 Arbor Day

Additional April Observances:
April 2 Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
April 7 No Housework Day
April 10 Golfers Day
April 23 National Picnic Day
April 30 Honesty Day
May 12 International Nurse's Day
May 12 Receptionist Day
May 15 Chocolate Chip Day
May 16 Love a Tree Day
May 23 Geek Pride

June Holiday List
Monday, June 14 Flag Day
Sunday, June 20 Father's Day

Additional June Observances:
June 4 Hug Your Cat Day
June 18 Go Fishing Day
June 26 Beauticians Day

August Holiday List
Sunday, August 1 Friendship Day
Thursday, August 5 Sisters Day

Additional August Observances:
August 7 National Lighthouse Day August 13 Left Handers Day
August 15 Relaxation Day
August 16 Chinese Valentine's Day August 27 Just Because Day

October Holiday List
Monday, October 11 Columbus Day
Friday, October 15 National Bosses Day
Saturday, October 16 Sweetest Day
Sunday, October 24 United Nations Day
Sunday, October 31 Halloween

Additional October Observances:
October 3 Techies Day
October 24 Mother in Law Day

December Holiday List
Thursday, December 2 Chanukah
Saturday, December 25 Christmas
Sunday, December 26 Kwanzaa

Additional December Observances:
December 12 Poinsettia Day
December 17 Wright Brothers Day
December 18 Baked Cookies Day

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